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Monthly Archives: February 2017

What to do when your Publisher goes Out of Business!

Why is this happening to me?


You have worked so hard and spent so many sleepless nights working on your dream book.  You have been published, you have built a following and you are so proud of your accomplishments .. and then BAM!! Your publisher goes out of business – you no longer have access to your books, you don’t own the rights to your illustrations that were provided by your publisher and you can’t contact anyone to get the answers on what to do next!!

  • Read your contract and find out if your contract is non-exclusive
  • Find out if you own your layout, cover design and illustrations

In my case, my contract is non-exclusive, so I can publish again!! However, I do not own the rights to the cover design, interior layout or illustrations, so ….

© Flynt | - My new life

© Flynt | – My new life

Make this a fun new adventure!

There is no use beating yourself over the head over the lost money, time and frustration, as we cannot change what has happened. However, you can advantage of this opportunity to do things YOUR way!

I have talked to many people and read many blogs regarding this issue, as I currently know of many people who are in the same boat as me and have lost their publisher.  In this case, I am referring to Tate Publishing. They have gone out of business, are not receiving mail, are not returning phone calls or emails and most of us have lost quite a bit of money in the process.

You may have a chance of receiving some money back if you paid via a credit card or PayPal…

I have taken action on this as I now want my books to be MINE!

I have:

  • I filed a claim with PayPal to see if I could get my last payment of $1790.00 back being as I never received the product(s) which I paid for – which was books 3 and 4 – and included the hard cover distribution and 90 day fast turnaround (ha ha) – haven’t heard back, but I am the eternal optimist and can always hope!
  • Created my own company name and filed it with the state
  • Created a logo for my new publishing business
  • Bought a new domain at GoDaddy with my new business name:
  • Forwarded that domain to my existing web page:
  • Located the pdf’s of my previously published books on my computer and converted them to word so I can design my own layout using a template purchased from:
  • I ordered the unlimited book template at a cost of $119 – so I can use it for all of my existing books and any future ones
  • Hired an illustrator on to redo my cover designs
  • Hired an illustrator on to redo my illustrations
  • Ordered 10 new ISBNs under my new company name
  • Opened an account with Ingram Sparks
  • Opened an account with CreateSpace
  • Updated my book web page to show that 2nd editions are coming out soon
  • Removed all references to Tate from my webpage


What is left to do:

  • Change cover designs and images on my website
  • Reformat the word documents in my own lay out – with my new cover designs and illustration
  • Upload my new books to Ingram Sparks and Create Space
  • Send out a newsletter and some social media posts regarding the release of the 2nd editions
  • Get new press releases once I know the dates for the 2nd editions
  • Figure out how to get new book trailers (I have removed the Tate ones from my website and my YouTube channel)
  • Work on MY next book – which will be ALL my own!!

I also joined Authors U to help with advise and next steps.  They offer discounts on many of the items you may want or need, including illustrations, cover design, layout and editing.

Feel free to contact me at or if you would like to discuss any of this!

This is YOUR life! These are YOUR books!  Take control now and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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