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What is the ALA?

I am so excited to announce that all 3 of my books will be showcased at the American Library Association’s (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Denver in February!!

The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest library association in the world.

Founded on October 6, 1876 during the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, the mission of ALA is “to provide leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.”

This will allow the Sammi Jo Adventure Series to gain exposure to over 8,000 buyers from the library market who attend the ALA Midwinter conference is search of new books for their shelves!

Woo Hoo!!

What to do when your Publisher goes Out of Business!

Why is this happening to me?


You have worked so hard and spent so many sleepless nights working on your dream book.  You have been published, you have built a following and you are so proud of your accomplishments .. and then BAM!! Your publisher goes out of business – you no longer have access to your books, you don’t own the rights to your illustrations that were provided by your publisher and you can’t contact anyone to get the answers on what to do next!!

  • Read your contract and find out if your contract is non-exclusive
  • Find out if you own your layout, cover design and illustrations

In my case, my contract is non-exclusive, so I can publish again!! However, I do not own the rights to the cover design, interior layout or illustrations, so ….

© Flynt | - My new life

© Flynt | – My new life

Make this a fun new adventure!

There is no use beating yourself over the head over the lost money, time and frustration, as we cannot change what has happened. However, you can advantage of this opportunity to do things YOUR way!

I have talked to many people and read many blogs regarding this issue, as I currently know of many people who are in the same boat as me and have lost their publisher.  In this case, I am referring to Tate Publishing. They have gone out of business, are not receiving mail, are not returning phone calls or emails and most of us have lost quite a bit of money in the process.

You may have a chance of receiving some money back if you paid via a credit card or PayPal…

I have taken action on this as I now want my books to be MINE!

I have:

  • I filed a claim with PayPal to see if I could get my last payment of $1790.00 back being as I never received the product(s) which I paid for – which was books 3 and 4 – and included the hard cover distribution and 90 day fast turnaround (ha ha) – haven’t heard back, but I am the eternal optimist and can always hope!
  • Created my own company name and filed it with the state
  • Created a logo for my new publishing business
  • Bought a new domain at GoDaddy with my new business name:
  • Forwarded that domain to my existing web page:
  • Located the pdf’s of my previously published books on my computer and converted them to word so I can design my own layout using a template purchased from:
  • I ordered the unlimited book template at a cost of $119 – so I can use it for all of my existing books and any future ones
  • Hired an illustrator on to redo my cover designs
  • Hired an illustrator on to redo my illustrations
  • Ordered 10 new ISBNs under my new company name
  • Opened an account with Ingram Sparks
  • Opened an account with CreateSpace
  • Updated my book web page to show that 2nd editions are coming out soon
  • Removed all references to Tate from my webpage


What is left to do:

  • Change cover designs and images on my website
  • Reformat the word documents in my own lay out – with my new cover designs and illustration
  • Upload my new books to Ingram Sparks and Create Space
  • Send out a newsletter and some social media posts regarding the release of the 2nd editions
  • Get new press releases once I know the dates for the 2nd editions
  • Figure out how to get new book trailers (I have removed the Tate ones from my website and my YouTube channel)
  • Work on MY next book – which will be ALL my own!!

I also joined Authors U to help with advise and next steps.  They offer discounts on many of the items you may want or need, including illustrations, cover design, layout and editing.

Feel free to contact me at or if you would like to discuss any of this!

This is YOUR life! These are YOUR books!  Take control now and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Book Characters are coming!!

This is so exciting!  I have been working with a company to get prototypes of some characters to go along with the Sammi Jo books.

Sammi Jo and Screech characters will be coming soon! (along with some help from my friends!)

I can’t wait to get him out there to all my Sammi Jo friends!


Screech will be 20″ long and will cost $25.00

Sammi Jo will be 10″ tall and will cost $15.00

Buy both and get a discount – 2 for $35.00

You are able to pre-order now at



Book Launch Party!

The Book Launch Party was a huge success!!

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the Book Launch Party to help me celebrate the launch of the second book in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series!

Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever!


Jim N Nicks BBQ at Southlands donated the party room for us! Thank you Sarah!

Jim N Nicks

We had an adorable Brownie troop there to help out and they were definitely the life of the party!!


And we had Dancing with music provided by Ace’s DJ’s (Rockin Rob!)


Check out some more photos!






5 Star Review!


I received a 5 star review!!




Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever by Dede Stockton is a gentle and imaginative story about a little girl called Sammi Jo and her summer shore adventure. An only child, Sammi Jo goes to boarding school because her parents are both busy writers. Every summer the family takes a break together at their beach side cottage, and usually Sammi’s best friend from school goes for part of the holiday too. But one year Sammi must manage without Kara and she feels lonely without her friend to share in her adventures. Then some strange things begin happening on the shore line: a flying stick, some mysterious splashing sounds, something with big eyes peeping out from behind a rock, and some pretty, scale-like shells on the sand. Sammi investigates, puts the clues together, and discovers an unusual new friend. The two go on a magical underwater trip. No longer lonely, Sammi decides the holiday had plenty of best days ever after all.

Dede Stockton’s story will appeal to children around middle grade age who are confident readers. The chapters and overall book length of seventy pages make it a manageable length. The writing style is clear and succinct with a plot that moves along at a good pace, and, of course, a happy ending. I loved the sense of mystery concerning the puzzling items and noises that Sammi comes across on the beach, and the wonderful discovery of a magical sea creature – the perfect holiday friend for the lonely little girl. Sammi Jo herself is a believable and likable character and her desire for friendship and fun is something children will identify with. I did feel sorry for Sammi who is expected to entertain herself when her parents spend time working at the holiday cottage too. But having busy working parents is, of course, real life for many children, and an important ability – perhaps especially for children without siblings – is knowing how to safely occupy yourself at those times in fun and healthy ways. There is a good message here about using your imagination to overcome boredom and even loneliness, and not spending time feeling sorry for yourself. Sammi Jo just gets on with exploring the adventures and opportunities around her and has so much fun after all. An entertaining and imaginative story for younger readers.

Sammi Jo in the U.K.

I am so pleased to announce that Sammi Jo is now in the U.K.!!

Map of Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Thanks to the efforts of some very dear friends in Norwich – Several of the local schools now have copies of Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever in their possession!!

Taverham Library 2 books
Sandy lane

Nightingale First School 2 books
Nightingale Drive,
Taverham, Norwich.

Taverham Hall Preparatory School 1 book

Taverham Junior School 1 book

Drayton C of E Junior School, 1 book
School Road,

Reepham Primary School 1 book
School Road
NR10 4JP

Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School 1 book


Should Sammi Jo become a movie?


I recently had a conversation with someone who had suggested that the Sammi Jo Adventure series should become a movie.  Here is what she said:

imagesWe think Sammi Jo would make a great movie because of the creativity and imagination in the story, the visuals would be stunning! The characters are good, positive people and the message is positive, too. The wonder and awe in this story is so perfect for children to experience through a film — after they read the book first, of course!

So, my questions for you, if you and your child have read the book(s) are:

Do you think the Sammi Jo adventure series would make a good movie? And why?

Please comment below if you think Sammi Jo would make a great children’s movie!

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HearthFire Books

Dede is pleased to announce that Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever is now available at:

HearthFire Books

Bergen Village Shopping Center

1254 Bergen Pkwy, Ste D118

Evergreen, CO  80439



The Bookies



Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever!

Is now available at The Bookies! How about going to pay them a visit and pick up a Sammi Jo book while you are there! Tell them that Dede sent you!