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Sammi Jo and the BEST Adventure EVER!

Book 3 in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series

RELEASE DATE: Estimated 11/25/2017



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There is evil lurking around Edenlandia and no one knows exactly what to do to help save the land they love.
Sammi Jo, Jake and the merpeople discover lost legends describing exactly what may have happened to cause what could be a huge disaster. With much planning and the help of many, many new friends, they are able to save the land they all love and solve a century old mystery at the same time!
Sammi Jo is always available to help a friend in need and in the process in able to help her world become a happier place. The best part is that she gets to help grow her own family in the process!

Sammi Jo and the BEST Day EVER!

Book 1 of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series

Release Date:  5/27/2014 – UPDATED VERSION – RELEASED 9/1/2017



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Have you ever had a dream? Do you have a vivid imagination? Then you will love Sammi Jo, who totally believes that if you can dream it, you can make it happen!
Sammi Jo is anticipating a very long and boring summer with no one to play with. Strange splashes and unexplained items appearing from the sea prompt her to begin her explorations to find the meaning behind the “clues”.
Will she meet a new friend? Join Sammi Jo on her quest and see if you can figure out the mystery before she does!

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Sammi Jo and the BEST Rodeo EVER!

Book 2 of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series

Official release date: 1/26/2016 – UPDATED VERSION – RELEASED 9/1/2017



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Dive into adventure with Sammi Jo and her cousin, Jake, as they embark on a wild adventure full of legendary and mysterious underwater creatures!
Sammi Jo finds another “clue” on the beach and is totally confused about what it could mean. The clue is a flyer to a rodeo in town. Watching the parade and the rodeo, she begins to imagine the possibilities of the clue and becomes certain that Screech left it for her to find! But what could it be?
Jake, Sammi Jo’s cousin, arrives unexpectedly and joins her in discovering a whole new hidden world full of the creatures of mystery and legends. They join in on an amazing event and prove to themselves that all things are possible if you believe in yourself!

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Sammi Jo Daily Adventure Journal

Sammi Jo believes in always having the Best Day Ever and challenges the reader to find something good in EVERY day.  The journal provides 365 pages to record your “Best Day Ever” every day for a year!



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Sammi Jo Activity and Coloring Book – Coming Soon!

The Activity and Coloring book includes the illustrations from the first three books and some activities to go along with the books – word searches, crossword puzzles and mazes – all inspired to test your knowledge of Sammi Jo, her adventures and her friends!


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